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Indoor air pollution is a growing concern. In 2004, an air quality study concluded that 94% of homes tested had poor air quality issues. The average home contains 5 - 8 pounds of dust, dirt and debris accumulated each year.

Your home may contain allergens such as mold, mildew, dust, dust mites and other airborne particles such as pollen, pet dander and smoke related odors. Air duct cleaning done correctly will remove the majority of these contaminants, giving you a more comfortable living environment. These contaminants could be the source of headaches, allergies and breathing problems.

indoor allergens

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Services

• Less frequent dusting

• Fresher indoor air

• May improve allergy symptoms

• May reduce sinus symptoms

• Improved air flow

• Help rid your home of dust mites

• Saves money on your utility bills

Duct cleaning is a vital part of insuring cleaner indoor air resulting in a happier, healthier home.

Our procedure includes cleaning of both air supply and air return thoroughly with very powerful truck mounted equipment. All grills, registers and filters are cleaned along with your lower furnace compartment. After cleaning is complete your entire duct work is disinfected.

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View of dirty ducting before cleaning
View of ducting after cleaning
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